In Construction Management at Risk, we optimize your time and budget given your project goals. We not only build, but we work hand-in-hand with your chosen architectural engineering firm to harmonize design options with your budget requirements.  Because Permian is also your general contractor, we can evaluate the cost and practicality of complex design options in the early planning stage, all before you spend to develop them. 


In Design-Build, we hire the design firm itself and are responsible for construction. This is a streamlined approach ideal for property owners who do not want to be involved in day-to-day operational, design and engineering decisions. As with CMaR, we also have extensive experience with Design-Build.

Construction Management

In Construction Management, we act as your personal consultant. We apply our decades of expertise to overseeing and advising your architectural engineering and construction contractors. This can apply to your entire project or just to a particular aspect of it.  If you already have a complete team in place and construction is well underway, but progress is not what you had expected—or if you simply want a second opinion before getting started on a major project—Permian’s Construction Management (CM) services can help.


Our specialty is any aspect of commercial construction in the Permian Basin that is within the $50K to $5M range. If CMaR, DB or CM are not what you precisely need, let us know your particular requirements and challenges, and we can put together a custom proposal to move your commercial construction project forward.